Mobeen Choudhri, MD

Dr. Choudhri has been a pain specialist in the Greater Houston and Victoria, TX area since 2009

Mobeen Choudhri, MD

Medical Director / Pain Specialist

Board Certified:  Pain Medicine

Board Certified:  Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

“I am honored and grateful for the opportunity to serve those suffering from chronic pain. It’s incredibly fulfilling to assist people in reclaiming their lives and joy they’ve lost to chronic pain, empowering them to lead their lives on their own terms once again!”

Dr. Choudhri has performed thousands of pain management consultations and advanced interventional pain management procedures helping thousands of patients achieve their pain management goals. 

Dr. Choudhri received her Doctorate in Medicine from Ross University School of Medicine. Dr. Choudhri completed her residency in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at State University of New York in Buffalo, NY (SUNY Buffalo). During her residency she was elected Chief Resident. After completing her residency, she served as faculty at SUNY Buffalo and was a staff physician at Erie County Medical Center in the department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation.

Subsequently, Dr. Choudhri partnered with a Harvard pain fellow in an interventional pain management practice in the greater Washington D.C. area for two years. During her tenure there she served as a co-director in the department of pain management at Washington Adventist Hospital. Dr. Choudhri completed her undergraduate studies at Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. She returned to Houston, TX in 2009 and looks forward every day to partnering with her patients to live healthy and pain free.

Patient Testimonials for Dr. Choudhri

“Dr. M. Choudhri is one awesome physician and lady. I deal with many doctors who seem to be more interested in getting you in and out of the exam room as quickly as possible.  This lady is DEFINITELY NOT one of those doctors. She is genuinely interested in and concerned with her patients and their pain.  She was very busy today and I was; I believe, worked in. Yet she still took the time to ask smart, lucid and extremely intelligent questions about my pain and why the medicine I’ve been on hasn’t been working well for me.  She then not only gave me a different medication. One which is already working much better. Then she was nice enough to take it several steps further and offer me a couple of other options to consider and then she actually took the time to lucidly explain the benefits of each of them. I can’t say enough good things about this wonderful physician and her care. I just wish there were more than 5 stars available for the rating.

Dr. Choudhri, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for the wonderful office visit and your care, concern, time, patience and understanding and explaining some other options we can consider."

Most Sincerely & Fondly,
Philip Gerard Bergeron

“I’ve been thru 3 different pain mgmt Dr’s over the past 15 years and Dr. Mobeen Choudhri gets to the root of the problem without drugs. The staff members are WONDERFUL and you don’t have wait but maybe 10 at the most 15 minutes to be seen. They are very organized and they don’t over book patients so you rarely have to wait to be seen. I highly recommend Dr. Choudhri.”
Cheryl Ramon

“I have had two S/I injections each side and it deceased my pain and enabled me to walk 90% better. Dr Choudhri is a miracle worker. Never thought I’d ever get back to this level of function ever again! Great results!”
Connie Patterson

“Great. Dr Choudri really cares about her patients. She listens to them and to find out how she can help make life better for them. All her staff is extremely great and helpful.”
Jimmy McDonald

“Dr Choudhri is the best pain specialist imaginable. She not only listens well, but she has unique approach to each patient. Therefore, I have good pain coverage but no ill effects. Dr Choudhri is a gifted caring doctor with an all around excellent staff too.”
Christie Baird

“I would give Dr. C and the office 20 stars if I could. It’s nice to have a Dr that understands the pain and wants to help opposed to having one tell me “you are a rock and you have to put up with pain” and won’t listen to anything you have to say.  So beyond happy with my first visit and excitedly looking forward to my next visit. HOPE, is a wonderful thing!”
T. Campbell

"Dr. Choudhri is the kindest most caring physician I have come across in my 66 years and the last 18 years have been at this practice. 5 years ago I moved 110 miles away, and I will still never stop seeing this physician as long as my back and neck require her & her excellent staffs attention."
Cindy G.

"Not only is the office staff wonderful, the atmosphere is one of serene design. Dr Choudhri has to be the absolute best in her field!"
Don M.

"I've been going to pain management since 2005 and Dr. Choudri is the only Pain Management doctor that listens to you. She discusses what she believes the particular problem is and treats it - with very good results. I feel a lot of the Pain management doctors treat most of their patients with the same generic treatment instead of really listening to the patients."
Carolyn Hodgins

"I've been going to pain management since 2005 and Dr. Choudri is the only Pain Management doctor that listens to you. She discusses what she believes the particular problem is and treats it - with very good results. I feel a lot of the Pain management doctors treat most of their patients with the same generic treatment instead of really listening to the patients."
Jeff S.

"Dr. Choudhri and her staff are excellent! I recently started coming here as a new patient about 1 month ago and have nothing but positive things to say. I’ve had chronic back and neck pain for years, which has prevented me from having a normal life and enjoying my twenties. Finally, I feel that I’m moving in the right direction and getting some pain relief! Thank you Dr. Choudhri and everyone at this office!"

"I would not change doctors for anything. Dr. Choudhri and staff are excellent. They really look out for me and my pain."
Sharon C.

"Dr Choudhri is an A+ physician! I have been seeing her since 2010 and she has taken excellent care of me. There is no better physician or human being out there for Pain Management. She really cares how her patients feel and whether they get relief from their pain. Thank you Dr Choudhri for taking such excellent care of me!"
Micki Bogue

"I've been coming to DR Choudhri for Years, she is THEE BEST in pain management, she truly cares about her patients, and goes "that" extra mile NO other DR has tried to go with my managing my pain, I KNOW ONE DAY..... IMA walk in and say "hey Dr Choudhri, I'm in no pain; I know " that day" will happen!! THANK YOU DR CHOUDHRI AND STAFF"
Giselle Collins

"Dr. Choudhri put me at ease and explained how she could help my pain. She gave me hope. Great staff and excellent service."
Julie B.

"I recently was seen by Dr. Mobeen Choudhri she was amazing and help me with my back pain. Sonya was so helpful in getting me a quick appointment since my back was out. The staff made me feel really safe and took great care of me. I will definitely go back!!"
Carolyn C.

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