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Sharon Kuperman

“I have been a patient for over 10 years. I was practically bedridden. Everyone working here has been wonderful. I am so much better almost perfect. My quality of life is great beyond my expectations. Between medications and branch blocks. My treatment i am thankful I have this group.”

M.D. Malbro

“Dr. Choudhri and her staff are great. Chronic pain is life altering and I could not have survived without a physician that cared and viewed me as a human being, not a file number.”

Daniel Limon

“The entire staff is amazing. Dr. Choudhri is one of the best Drs that I have seen for my back pain.”

Michelle R.

“The staff are amazing and caring. The doctors are caring and will sit down with you and listen to you. Then they will explain to you what is going on and how they will help you feel better. Thanks so much!”

Gary Johnson

“Very good office would recommend to anybody. They care about their patients and take the time to create an individual care plan to get you on the road to recovery.Very clean office not your average pain clinic.”

Personalized Care: Exceptional Results with Compassion

We put your needs first, providing you with individualized, compassionate care. Our primary objective is to ensure you experience exceptional, stress-free treatment with state-of-the-art advances in pain management that lead to meaningful and long-lasting pain relief.

Experience: Over a Decade of Chronic Pain Treatment in Houston & Victoria

We have successfully helped tens of thousands within our community achieve their pain management goals. We apply our experience and unique approach to help you attain rapid, optimal results.

Expertise: Advanced and Comprehensive Pain Treatment Options Aligned to Your Needs

We continuously advance our capabilities to provide you with the most innovative and effective treatment choices in pain management.  Our modern pain clinics are designed to maximize your safety, comfort, and quality of care.

Picture of Dr. Choudhri, MD. Medical Director and Pain Physician at Greater Houston and Greater Victoria Interventional Pain Management

Mobeen Choudhri, MD

Board Certified in Physicial Medicine & Rehabilitation

Board Certified in Pain Medicine

“We are committed to helping you achieve a pain free life”


We Specialize In Multiple Types Of Pain

Nerve pain

Foot pain

Knee pain

Back pain

Neck pain

Hip pain

Head pain

Elbow pain

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