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Our mission is to empower patients to lead lives unburdened by chronic pain. We provide comprehensive treatment for a wide range of medical conditions, providing personalized care for each individual.

With more than 14 years of experience serving the Greater Houston and Victoria, TX areas, we have successfully treated a diverse array of conditions, achieving significant and enduring outcomes for our patients.  We address a wide range of medical diagnoses, providing support whether you have a clear understanding of the cause of your pain or are seeking clarity. Our team is dedicated to assisting you.

On this page, you'll discover several of the common chronic pain conditions we manage. To explore how we can assist with your unique condition, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our team.

Image of person with chronic back pain

Back Pain

Chronic back pain is a persistent and often debilitating condition that affects millions of people worldwide, lasting for three months or longer. It can stem from various factors, including spinal degeneration, injury, disease, or even stress, leading to a significant impact on one's quality of life. Chronic back pain is one of the most common conditions that we treat in our clinics.   We have many years of experience treating this condition and regularly provide pain treatment for patients suffering from degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, and many more conditions. We have many years of treating this condition with different modalities. 

Every patients situation is different.  During a consultation we will evaluate your specific circumstances so we can provide the treatment that will have the most benefit for your personal condition.

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Image of person with nerve pain

Nerve Pain

Nerve pain, or neuropathic pain, is a complex and often debilitating condition that arises from damage or dysfunction of the nervous system. It is characterized by sensations such as burning, tingling, electric shocks, sharp pain, or numbness, frequently persisting even in the absence of an ongoing tissue injury. Causes of nerve pain include diabetes (leading to diabetic neuropathy), herpes zoster infection (shingles), spinal cord injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, and conditions like trigeminal neuralgia and postherpetic neuralgia. Nerve pain can severely affect an individual's quality of life, making diagnosis and management challenging.

We regularly help patients diagnose and treat nerve pain; it is one of the most common conditions we see in our clinic.   Our patients commonly suffer from neuropathy, neuralgia, and complex regional pain syndrome.  Contact us to see how we can help you.

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Image of person with knee pain

Knee Pain

Knee pain is a widespread issue that affects individuals across various age groups, often significantly impacting mobility and quality of life. It can stem from a range of causes, including acute injuries like ligament tears (ACL injuries), meniscus tears, and fractures, as well as chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and patellar tendinitis. Overuse, obesity, and lack of muscle flexibility or strength can also contribute to knee pain. Symptoms may include swelling, stiffness, redness, warmth, weakness, instability, popping or crunching noises, and difficulty straightening the knee fully. 

We provide multiple treatment options for knee pain.  We regularly treat patients suffering from osteoarthritis, ACL injury, meniscus tears, patellar tendonitis, bursitis, and many more.  Schedule a pain consultation to see how we can help you.

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Image of person with elbow pain

Elbow Pain

Elbow pain is a common complaint that can arise from a variety of conditions, affecting people of all ages and activity levels. It may be due to overuse injuries, such as tennis elbow or golfer's elbow, which result from repetitive wrist and arm motions leading to inflammation of the tendons. Other causes include trauma or accidents leading to fractures, sprains, or dislocations, as well as arthritis, which can cause joint inflammation and degeneration. Symptoms often include pain, stiffness, swelling, and difficulty in moving the elbow joint, making it challenging to perform daily activities or specific arm movements.

We have treated many patients with elbow pain including those suffering from tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis), golfers elbow (medial epicondylitis), Olecranon Bursitis, cubital tunnel syndrome, and many more.  Contact us to see how we can help you with your specific condition.

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Image of person with neck pain

Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common ailment that can stem from various sources, affecting a significant portion of the population at some point in their lives.   Symptoms can range from mild discomfort to severe pain, often accompanied by stiffness, headaches, and a reduced range of motion in the neck. The complexity of the cervical spine and its susceptibility to stress and injury necessitate a comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment.  Effective management aims to alleviate pain, improve function, and address the underlying cause of the discomfort.

We regularly treat patients suffering from neck pain caused by muscle strains, cervical spondylosis, herniated discs, cervical radiculopathy, whiplash, and many more.  We will evaluate your specific condition to determine the best treatment during a pain management consultation.

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Image of person with hip pain

Hip Pain

Hip pain is a common complaint that can be attributed to a wide range of causes, affecting individuals of all ages. It often originates from the hip joint itself but can also be a result of conditions in surrounding structures. Key causes include osteoarthritis, which leads to the degeneration of the hip joint; inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis; bursitis, involving inflammation of the fluid-filled sacs that cushion the hip joint; injuries such as fractures and sprains; and hip labral tear, involving damage to the ring of cartilage surrounding the socket of the hip joint. Symptoms can vary from mild discomfort to severe pain, potentially limiting mobility and affecting daily activities. 

We treat patients suffering from hip pain who have osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, trochanteric bursitis, and many more conditions.

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Image of person with migraine and headache pain

Migraines and Head Pain

Migraines and head pain are debilitating conditions that significantly impact the lives of sufferers. Migraines, a type of headache disorder, are characterized by intense, throbbing pain usually on one side of the head, often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound. They can last for hours to days, and the pain can be so severe that it interferes with daily activities. The exact cause of migraines is unknown, but they are believed to result from abnormal brain activity affecting nerve signals, chemicals, and blood vessels in the brain. Triggers vary among individuals and can include stress, certain foods, hormonal changes, and environmental factors. 

We utilize our pain expertise to help you find the best treatment options for your migraines and head pain.  We see patients suffering from migraines, tension headaches, cluster headaches, occipital neuralgia, trigeminal neuralgia, and others.  We employ a multidisciplinary approach to treat these conditions, aiming to reduce frequency and severity of headaches, improve quality of life, and prevent future episodes from occuring.

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Image of person with foot pain

Foot Pain

Foot pain is a prevalent condition that can significantly impact an individual's mobility and quality of life, stemming from a variety of causes. Common sources of foot pain include plantar fasciitis, bunions, fractures and sprains, and Achilles tendinitis, and flat feet or fallen arches. Additional factors such as overuse, wearing poorly fitting shoes, and systemic diseases like diabetes and arthritis can also contribute to foot pain. We specialize in treating patients with foot pain.  We have treated a variety of conditions causing foot pain, including:  plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS),  Achilles tendinitis,  morton's neuroma, and many more.  Contact us so we can evaluate your specific condition and provide the best guidance and support to help you.

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We treat many different conditions for patients of all ages in the Greater Houston and Victoria, TX area.  Please contact us to learn how we can help you with your specific pain condition.

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