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We are honored and grateful for the opportunity to help people suffering from chronic pain.  Our goal is to provide the best results we can for each patient.  Everyones pain story is unique and requires individual attention. We focus on creating the right plan for each and every patient.  Below are some of the reviews we have received over our years in service.

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Tim Wetherell

“I have been using this clinic’s expertise in dealing with my pain for approximately 4 years …. I have never been dissatisfied with their advice, service or procedures to help me deal with the pain I have.

I also believe that the level of professionalism they exhibit now four years in, would be the same as if I were a new patient just beginning this relationship. This clinic is definitely not a pill stop for individuals whom might want to receive medicines and abuse their intake or be given to others with no instructions in their use.

I one hundred percent believe that they know what they are doing and that their only mission in this business is to bring relief to those who suffer pain and seek a life that is somewhat normal and grant these people the capability to meet their own personal challenges confidently !”

Sharon Arnold

“The entire staff is well educated, friendly, and extremely warm with a welcoming smile during all interactions. The team is responsible, respectful, and quick to respond appropriately in any situation. I have severe injuries and have spent over a year being constantly treated by twenty or so specialists. I have been blessed to have been treated by many of the top professionals who have been very comforting all the way around; however, the truth is that the physician and her entire staff are certainly the cherry on top. Pain medication that outer doctors in the same field have never heard of have been a God send. The pain relief is spot on without drowsy, or woozy side effects.

I have had many spinal injections to control my pain. The injections are risky and.can cause death or injury, however, I trust the entire team with great confidence. The office is educated, experienced, and has a P. H.D. in T.L.C. If you, a loved one, friend, or enemy suffers with mind bending pain call for an appointment today. Their stellar treatment will change their lives. Regardless, of how severe the injuries are there is no reason to suffer anymore.

With Glowing Gratification,

Sharon Arnold”

Nichole H.

“This pain management clinic has helped me a lot. The doctors listen to your concerns and will listen to your opinion on the treatment plan. I was hesitant at first to try pain management but now I have reduced my pain to a manageable level.

I have two autoimmune diseases that cause severe pain so I understand my pain will never be gone but this clinic has made my pain manageable. They gave me hope and I have more good days than bad as far as the pain level. I can work full time now and attend my kids sporting activities.

Billy N.

“This place is and has always been Great for me. I’m always treated like a friend from the entire staff. They all call me out by name just to say hello and how are you, and it’s always with a smile.

The Drs. and Physician Assistance are very empathetic, sometimes even sympathetic, and always informative to any and all questions and are very understanding. They treat each person as an individual, and listen and take into account each patients ongoing or new personal plites that may be effecting their lives currently. I’d have to say that it would be very hard to pick a personal favorite employee in that office, as they all deserve and strive to be better people.

The Drs. and P. A.s give all of kinds of options, whether they are available now or things that are coming over the horizon, and not necessarily just medications. They explain and walk you through and practice many different procedures, that can be done in office, and may be pertinent to the patient in need of relief. They’ll also let you know, based on past or present experiences, the procedures that may not work for you. If you happen to bring up a question concerning something you may have read about the will also discuss that whether they practice it or not. It’s been a very good place for me.

Katie C

"I love this office. The entire team is so nice, and the best physicians have incredible bedside manners. They really listen to me about my pain and haven’t given up on relieving it."

Diona D.

"My doctors at GHIPA are incredible. They have worked me for years. My care is what I feel is best for me and I think they care as well. They are so many reasons why I keep coming back. I wish I could afford to give staff member a virtual thank you note. Read this to them please.

Thanks guys for being my pain support team."

Dora B.

"I was late, but I was still treated with kindness and respect and very professional. I felt comfortable and happy. I will recommend many people to y’all. Thank you and God bless you all.. "

Andrea K.

"Although this is the first time for me to post a review for this Doctor's office, I gotta say I always have a good visit.

From the moment I walk in the door, the front desk is very courteous and very helpful. The medical assistants and back office staff are all very courteous and thorough. And the doctors I see are very thorough and respectful. All the staff is attentive and never makes me feel rushed and are really good about answering any questions I might have. I really appreciate the quality of care everyone at the office has given me. Thank you Greater Houston Interventional Pain Associates. "

Valeria C.

"From checking in to the consultation to the final paperwork By far the absolute best experience I’ve ever had. Doc is Extremely professional and I can truly feel her actually caring for my pain. A huge difference from other doctors that are quick in and out, she really cares and takes the time to sit and talk about everything going on."

Sharon K.

"I have been a patient for many years. Everyone has been kind and knowledgeable. I have improved so much and my quality of life is so much better. I always get all my questions answered. I feel so comfortable when I go to visit the clinic. Doctors are wonderful."

Vickie J.

"I have been going to Dr. Benhamou since he started and was the only Dr and had a wonderful PA. I was not treated well in the past by other pain mgmt Drs and I can definitely say that was not the case here. That was I believe almost 16 years ago? Is that right. This office , the Drs and staff are magnificent. Not only do they know what they are doing but they LISTEN. I would never dream of leaving. I have come a long way with this institution. 10 stars!!"

Latonya P.

"They were very friendly and easy to get along with, every visit I had felt the same way, they really helped to try and get my pain Management in order and they really have made a difference I'm able to do more than I use to, The whole staff is Awesome! I recommend everyone who's ever been in as much pain as I have, please go check them, they'll be there for you."

Vernon R.

"I am great full for the Doctors that have treated me. All of the employees and staff are kind and attentive to the patients needs and I can honestly say that this office 4747 Bellaire have a spirit of excellence. Thanks."

Deborah E.

"Everyone was very nice, friendly, and professional. Very smooth visit as a new patient. Thank you so much, really appreciate!"

Leroy K.

"High quality interaction with patients. Staff very efficient, polite, and professional. Wait time is not excessive. Location is easy to get to, and the free parking is a big plus."

Donald J.

"My experience is always great they are very professional and very sensitive to my health issues . A great place to go if you are dealing with chronic pain my experience have been the best."

Jcorey W.

"Seems to be the first place to help me, scince February 3,but I was so much pain I couldn't really identify until started treatment here, thanks so much"

Sebrena W.

"Very good office would reccomend to anybody. They care about their patients and take the time to create an individual care plan to get you on the road to recovery.Very clean office not your average pain clinic."

Jose C.

"I feel much better in my low back, Thank you for help me."

Patricia J.

"They, listen to my pain that I have how much they need to Prescribe the right medication for your pain. I like the service they provide for me."

Thomas Martin

"No rushing you in and out here. ALL EMPLOYS very helpful. I feel very comfortable with the decisions I made today about my future medical care."

Inney B.

"I've been going here for about 10 years for Fibromyalgia. They don't judge & don't treat me like I was just seeking drugs. All of the staff is good but I do like Annie. She always listens & gives me advise to help me."

Dannie S

"I always feel everyone there is very helpful, kind, professional and knowledgeable. I always get some kind of pain relief through their excellent care. I also really like those that see me! Thank you!"

Jay R.

"I'm very pleased with. My pain management. Very prompt and I understand everything. Thank you."