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M.D. Malbro

“Dr. Choudhri and her staff are great. Chronic pain is life altering and I could not have survived without a physician that cared and viewed me as a human being, not a file number.”

Sharon Kuperman

“I have been a patient for over 10 years. I was practically bedridden. Everyone working here has been wonderful. I am so much better almost perfect. My quality of life is great beyond my expectations. Between medications and branch blocks. My treatment i am thankful I have this group.”

Daniel Limon

“The entire staff is amazing. Dr. Choudhri is one of the best Drs that I have seen for my back pain.”

Michelle R.

“The staff are amazing and caring. The doctors are caring and will sit down with you and listen to you. Then they will explain to you what is going on and how they will help you feel better. Thanks so much!”

Gary Johnson

“Very good office would reccomend to anybody. They care about their patients and take the time to create an individual care plan to get you on the road to recovery.Very clean office not your average pain clinic.”

Compassion: We Treat Every Patient With Care And Respect

We provide individualized care and prioritize compassion.  Our goal is to provide our patients with exceptional, stress free, state-of-the-art care to achieve meaningful, lasting pain relief.  See our patient reviews to see what you can expect.

Experience: We Have Served Greater Houston & Victoria For More Than Thirteen Years

We have been honored to helped tens of thousands in our community achieve their pain management goals. We apply our collective experience with every patient.

Choices: We Provide A Broad Array of the Latest Treatment Options

We provide a full range of treatment options performed by board certified pain specialists.  We continually advance our capabilities.  Ask your physician about the latest advances in treatment options available during your visit.

Mobeen Choudhri, MD

Board Certified in Physicial Medicine & Rehabilitation
Board Certified in Pain Medicine

“We are committed to helping our patients achieve a pain-free life”



Hear From Our Patients

Over 700 online reviews for our pain management clinics

Katie C

"I love this office. The entire team is so nice, and the best physicians have incredible bedside manners. They really listen to me about my pain and haven’t given up on relieving it."

Diona D.

"My doctors at GHIPA are incredible. They have worked me for years. My care is what I feel is best for me and I think they care as well. They are so many reasons why I keep coming back. I wish I could afford to give staff member a virtual thank you note. Read this to them please.

Thanks guys for being my pain support team."

Dora B.

"I was late, but I was still treated with kindness and respect and very professional. I felt comfortable and happy. I will recommend many people to y’all. Thank you and God bless you all.. "

Andrea K.

"Although this is the first time for me to post a review for this Doctor's office, I gotta say I always have a good visit.

From the moment I walk in the door, the front desk is very courteous and very helpful. The medical assistants and back office staff are all very courteous and thorough. And the doctors I see are very thorough and respectful. All the staff is attentive and never makes me feel rushed and are really good about answering any questions I might have. I really appreciate the quality of care everyone at the office has given me. Thank you Greater Houston Interventional Pain Associates. "

Valeria C.

"From checking in to the consultation to the final paperwork By far the absolute best experience I’ve ever had. Doc is Extremely professional and I can truly feel her actually caring for my pain. A huge difference from other doctors that are quick in and out, she really cares and takes the time to sit and talk about everything going on."

Sharon K.

"I have been a patient for many years. Everyone has been kind and knowledgeable. I have improved so much and my quality of life is so much better. I always get all my questions answered. I feel so comfortable when I go to visit the clinic. Doctors are wonderful."

Vickie J.

"I have been going to Dr. Benhamou since he started and was the only Dr and had a wonderful PA. I was not treated well in the past by other pain mgmt Drs and I can definitely say that was not the case here. That was I believe almost 16 years ago? Is that right. This office , the Drs and staff are magnificent. Not only do they know what they are doing but they LISTEN. I would never dream of leaving. I have come a long way with this institution. 10 stars!!"

Latonya P.

"They were very friendly and easy to get along with, every visit I had felt the same way, they really helped to try and get my pain Management in order and they really have made a difference I'm able to do more than I use to, The whole staff is Awesome! I recommend everyone who's ever been in as much pain as I have, please go check them, they'll be there for you."

Vernon R.

"I am great full for the Doctors that have treated me. All of the employees and staff are kind and attentive to the patients needs and I can honestly say that this office 4747 Bellaire have a spirit of excellence. Thanks."

Deborah E.

"Everyone was very nice, friendly, and professional. Very smooth visit as a new patient. Thank you so much, really appreciate!"

Leroy K.

"High quality interaction with patients. Staff very efficient, polite, and professional. Wait time is not excessive. Location is easy to get to, and the free parking is a big plus."

Donald J.

"My experience is always great they are very professional and very sensitive to my health issues . A great place to go if you are dealing with chronic pain my experience have been the best."

Jcorey W.

"Seems to be the first place to help me, scince February 3,but I was so much pain I couldn't really identify until started treatment here, thanks so much"

Sebrena W.

"Very good office would reccomend to anybody. They care about their patients and take the time to create an individual care plan to get you on the road to recovery.Very clean office not your average pain clinic."

Jose C.

"I feel much better in my low back, Thank you for help me."

Patricia J.

"They, listen to my pain that I have how much they need to Prescribe the right medication for your pain. I like the service they provide for me."

Thomas Martin

"No rushing you in and out here. ALL EMPLOYS very helpful. I feel very comfortable with the decisions I made today about my future medical care."

Inney B.

"I've been going here for about 10 years for Fibromyalgia. They don't judge & don't treat me like I was just seeking drugs. All of the staff is good but I do like Annie. She always listens & gives me advise to help me."

Dannie S

"I always feel everyone there is very helpful, kind, professional and knowledgeable. I always get some kind of pain relief through their excellent care. I also really like those that see me! Thank you!"

Jay R.

"I'm very pleased with. My pain management. Very prompt and I understand everything. Thank you."

Frequently Asked Questions about Pain Clinics, Pain Medicine, and Interventional Pain Management

You may have many questions before you seek treatment for your chronic pain.  We have compiled a list of questions that our patients have asked us over the years.  We have found that many people misunderstand important points about private pain clinics, pain medicine, and pain management!

We hope this is a helpful resource for you.  If you have additional questions, reach out to us using our contact form and we would be happy to assist you!


What are some advantages between visiting a private pain clinic like yours over a hospital for pain management?

When you seek treatment for your chronic pain, you will have to decide between visiting a hospital and a private pain clinic. We have multiple hospital affiliations allowing us to admit patients to a hospital if necessary. However, we rarely need to do this and the majority of our care is provided conveniently in our clinic.

We believe you have the following general advantages when visiting our pain clinic over a hospital setting:

  • Our clinic can be less expensive than hospitals when you have a pain procedure. You can use the Medicare Procedure Price Lookup tool to get an idea of the cost differences between hospitals for specific procedures. We are happy to assist you in better understanding this as well.
  • We have a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere
  • You are not exposed to patients who may be coming to the hospital for many other medical conditions
  • Our clinics are in locations where traffic, parking, and stress is minimized
  • Our patient to staff ratio is generally much lower than a hospital allowing us to provide a more personalized experience more direct attention per patient.
  • We have a dedicated focus on pain management. That is what we do and our staffs expertise is also aligned to this.
  • We provide specialized treatment options including non-traditional and cutting edge therapies focused on pain medicine.
  • We do our best to focus on shorter wait times for appointments and procedures. We have been known to get precertification approval for a procedure from your insurer and schedule it on the very same day if necessary!
  • We work directly with your insurers to get pre-certification for all procedures and inform you of your financial responsibilities as clearly as possible.
  • We are long term partners in helping our patients live a pain free life and enable them to do the things that matter most to them. We know our patients and we advocate for their best possible outcomes. Dr. Choudhri has been proudly serving patients for over 13 years in Greater Houston and Victoria, TX.


If I need a procedure for my pain management, am I put to sleep? (General Anesthesia / IV Sedation)

During the course of your treatment, you may choose to have an interventional pain management procedure such as an epidural or a nerve block injection. Our office provides you with options to have your procedure performed under general anesthesia using IV sedation as well as local anesthesia. Our office is equipped, certified, qualified, and authorized to provide in office anesthesia.

The choice of what type of anesthesia you have will have is ultimately up to you and the recommendations provided by your specialist.


Is visiting a private pain clinic more expensive than visiting a hospital?

Generally speaking, visiting a hospital for the same treatment and procedure can be more expensive than visiting a private pain clinic such as ours. You should contact your insurance provider to understand the details of your specific coverage and expenses. We will work with your insurer to verify your coverage and help you understand your financial obligations before your visit and before any procedure.

Medicare provides the Procedure Price Lookup Tool to help you understand what the medicare costs are for a given procedure in an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) vs. a hospital. We perform our procedures in our clinic as well as in ASC's in the Greater Houston, TX and Victoria, TX. The costs you can expect to pay with our clinic are more aligned to an ASC. You should work with your insurer to understand your specific financial obligations based on your coverage. We can also help you understand this better if you contact us.


How long does pain relief from a pain management procedure typically last?

The duration of pain relief from a pain management procedure will vary depending on the type of procedure performed, the underlying condition causing the pain, and your response to treatment.

For example, a nerve block injection can provide relief for several months. Similarly, a spinal cord stimulator implant may provide long-term pain relief for some patients, while others may require regular adjustments or replacement of the device.

It's important to note that pain management procedures are typically part of a comprehensive treatment plan that may include medication, physical therapy, and other interventions. The goal of pain management is to reduce pain and improve function, and the duration of pain relief from a specific procedure may vary depending on the overall success of the treatment plan.

It's essential to have an experienced pain specialist evaluate and establish your pain treatment plan based on your individual needs, concerns, and goals. Our goal is to apply our collective experience to help you establish the most effective individual treatment plan based on your specific needs.


How do I decide which pain treatment is right for me?

The topic of pain treatment has received so much coverage from many different sources: products, pharmaceuticals, alternative medicine / herbal remedies, therapeutics, medical devices, physical therapy, behavioral therapy, lifestyle modifications, the list goes on! You should be cautious of any product or any service that promises results without understanding your specific situation and medical history.

It's easy to get lost in the sea of information and offerings available today. Our goal is to establish a treatment plan for you based on evidence based medicine. There are multiple medical specialties that prepare physicians for a specialization in pain management. Anesthesiology, Neurology and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation are a few of them. A physician specialist with the proper medical training, years of experience, and patient history similar to your situation can help you achieve your pain management goals and help you achieve better outcomes. Doctor Choudhri is a board certified physician in Pain Medicine and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. We balance your goals, concerns, and individual medical history to determine the best forward course of action. Our goal is to provide quality and long lasting care over quantity.

During your consultant we encourage you to ask lots of questions. Your best treatment plan is a collaboration between you and your pain specialist. We are experienced and regularly advancing our capabilities in providing evidence based medical procedures and approaches to pain management.


Do I need a referral before I can schedule an appointment with a pain specialist?

The answer to this question depends on your insurance. Many insurance plans do not require a referral in order to make an appointment at our pain clinics. For example, we are full participants and accept Medicare Part B. Therefore, a referral isn't required if you have Medicare Part B. Many private insurance PPO plans also do not require a referral. You should consult with your insurance carrier to determine if your plan requires a referral. We participate and accept all major insurance carriers. When you call for an appointment, we will help you determine your insurance requirements.

If your insurance plan requires a referral, we will work with your primary care provider to help you meet your plans requirements. If you don't have a primary care provider, we may be able to recommend a physician within your insurers network that is accepting new patients.


Do you accept workers compensation?

Yes, we accept workers compensation. Before seeing a doctor for a workers compensation claim you should report your injury to your employer. You should report your injury as soon after it occurs as possible. You are allowed to choose your own doctor to treat your injury but the doctor needs to be in your employers approved network. Call us to schedule an appointment and we can help you with coverage verification and scheduling.

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